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Dipwork, Diplomacy Game Processor

DipWork is an existing program from around 1991 to support a GameMaster in a play-by-(snail-)mail Diplomacy game, where Diplomacy is a famous board game from Avalon Hill and it has a great tradition in being played by mail or email.
Because '91 nobody spent much time thinking about the Internet a completely automated precessing is currently not possible with DipWork. It currently has the following main functions:

Further characteristics of the current program {with notes what should be changed}:

So DipWork is currently an program for "offline" games. The main goal is to enable it for "Online Games". Related and further goals are:

For the more interested reader I can state the current parts of DipWork:

So I plan to enable all interested diplomacy players and game masters to help me to re-program the project, to provide a good documentation and then to extend it.

Depending of the number of people that support me I will assign tye following tasks (priority given, "9" highest)

I hope I could give an idea of my plans here.